Susy’s Flowers

It’s still a bit early in the spring season, but the weather has been nice enough outside for some flowers to start blooming. With the Walk to Defeat ALS coming up in May, we’re already thinking about Susy a lot at this time of year. But as the flowers she planted in the yard show off their brilliance, it’s hard not to be reminded of how much she loved landscaping, and how much she missed gardening when her disease progressed to the point she could no longer do it. We thought you all might like to see some pictures of these beautiful reminders of one of her many passions.

-The Millers

IMG_2022 IMG_2023 IMG_2024 IMG_2021

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Services for Susy will be held 2:00 PM Friday, December 11, 2015 at Hayworth-Miller Lewisville Chapel with Rev. Jeff Sockwell officiating.

The family will receive friends following the service. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to The ALS Association Jim “Catfish” Hunter Chapter, 4 N. Blount St. Suite 200, Raleigh, NC 27601 (or click here to make a donation online).

CLICK HERE for more information about services and directions, etc.

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Rest in peace Susy–we love you!

Rest in peace Susy–we love you!

[Update from Amy Celona]

Received a sad update from Susy’s son Max:

After a courageous six-year battle, Susan Miller died from ALS-related complications today at 4 PM. She passed away peacefully and was able to spend her final hours with her husband Donnie and her sons Max and Gus.


Her family is deeply saddened by her loss, but relieved that she was able to go comfortably after fighting so valiantly for so long. Anyone who knew Susy knows that she had an unbreakable spirit and a heart full of love for so many friends and family members. We will never stop missing her.


Funeral arrangements pending. We will keep everyone posted.

We absolutely will never forget her! Anyone sending a article and/or photo, I will gladly post it in honor of Susy and her memory.

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Welcome quiet time…

Welcome quiet time…

[Update from Amy Celona] I’ve received an email with photos from Susy’s son Max:

If it seems like we’ve been quiet on here, it’s because we’ve fortunately had very little going on.



My mom’s been doing well over the past week. All of her numbers have been good, and she’s been able to get into her wheelchair for a few hours most days. She’s even used the Tobii (the computer that speaks for her when she types words out with her eyes) a few times.


We thought we’d give you another peek into the daily routine around here. As you can see, my mom’s bathing regimen is practically a day at the spa, although I took these photos before we got to the acupuncture (just kidding.)


We’ll keep you posted if anything new happens, but for now we’re just glad to be settling into a routine. Thank you again for all your thoughts and prayers.       ~Max

Susy’s routine (aka: Day at The Spa)

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New routines…


[Update by Max Miller]

SusyOct2015Just wanted to let everyone know my mom’s doing well, and we’re all getting used to the new routine with her at home.


We’ve got a second ventilator and oxygen for her wheelchair so she’s able to get out of bed and watch some TV. Today she watched “Tomorrowland,” which, from my understanding after watching for about 35 seconds, is a movie about George Clooney trading quips with a precocious British girl.


Mom’s back in bed now, but she’s been doing well for the past week or so, so we’re hoping things will be keeping calm around here for a little while. Thanks to everyone for the cards, prayers, meals, visits and love. We all appreciate it, and I know my mom does, too.


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Home again…

[Update by Amy Celona] UPDATE 10/7/2015 – Susy’s surgery went well and she is home again without even an overnight!. 

After a rocky start to coming home–she was rehospitalized shortly for what the doctor thought was pneumonia, but it turned out not to be–he didn’t realize that her lungs were already weakened by the ALS. So, great news, it wasn’t pneumonia!

I received an update from Susy’s son Max:

She’s been home since last Tuesday and doing fairly well. All of our nurses have been great so far and we’re getting adjusted to life at home with the vent. She even was able to sit in her chair for a few hours today.


There has been a slight problem with her feeding tube this past weekend, so she’s going to be going to the hospital tomorrow for minor surgery, but she should be back home again within the week.

Prayers and good thoughts with them all!

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Rehab update… going home soon!

[Update by Amy Celona]

Susy’s son Max has let me know that Susy will in all likelihood be home on Monday–much sooner than anticipated. All of her supplies for her home vent care were delivered to the house today.

They also found out that they qualify for 24 hour nursing when she’s home, which is terrific news. Max and his dad have been training on how to take care of her when she gets home, but it will be a much added relief to have professional care on hand at all times.

Susy is in great spirits and is so excited to finally be out of the hospital.

Let’s give a WOO HOO!

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